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Toys for tomorrow

We grew up playing with toys that activated the most colorful realms of our imaginations. Our blocks were skyscrapers and galaxies — whatever we wanted them to be.

We’re creating elegant, educational iOS apps to spark the curiosity of kids around the world today.

In our apps, kids play and learn by diving into big ideas, seeing how things work, and making connections about the world they live in.

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Built with care

We conduct thorough research and collaborate with subject experts to get the facts right. We work with celebrated artists to create vibrant illustrations. And we engineer intelligent animations for delightful, dynamic experiences.

We support kids and parents playing and learning together with kid-friendly designs and extras for grownups, including dashboards, handbooks with tips, and ideas to further learning.

By former kids

  • Raul Gutierrez

    Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, hopes to build a company where ideas, design, and engineering come together to delight, inspire, and educate children.

  • Youngna Park

    Youngna Park, Head of Product, connects the dots between artists, educators, writers, designers, and engineers to bring Tinybop’s apps to life.

  • Rob Blackwood

    Robert Blackwood, Senior iOS Engineer, is a software architect and entrepreneur who finds inspiration in creating artificially intelligent systems and physical simulations.

  • Sara Distin

    Sara Distin, Editorial Consultant, takes care of all the words you read around Tinybop’s universe.

  • Melissa Jun

    Melissa Jun, Head of Design, is behind Tinybop’s branding. From animations to patterns and banners, she makes sure everything we make looks just right.

  • Kika Gilbert

    Kika Gilbert, Head of Community, ideates and creates dialogues across Tinybop’s social platforms, engaging curious minds all over the internet.

  • Jessie Sattler

    Jessie Sattler, Production Designer, translates all the tiny pieces in an artist’s illustrations (more than 3,400 for Plants!) into working parts for the dev team.

  • Ashley Mannetta

    Ashley Mannetta, Research Associate, scopes the facts — for both big concepts and little details — that inform Tinybop’s apps and handbooks.

  • Yin Liu

    Yin Liu, Junior iOS Engineer, splits her time between animating and writing code to make app illustrations come to life.

  • Josh Stewart

    Josh Stewart, Front-End Developer, tends the code for the Tinybop site and lends his expertise to the design and editorial teams.

  • Leah Feuer

    Leah Feuer, Product Manager, springs Tinybop’s apps into being by uniting the ideas, code, art, and whimsy of a talented team.

  • Brian Jacobs

    Brian Jacobs, Sound Designer, creates and collects the sounds that inhabit our apps. He also composes and sings Tinybop tunes.

  • Holly Graham

    Holly Graham, Production Designer, dissects and assembles artwork alongside the engineers to create aesthetically-pleasing interactive worlds.

  • Roza Gazarian

    Roza Gazarian, Senior Designer, puts her skills to good use on user interface and brand projects, sprinkling smart looks all over Tinybop.

  • Andrew Perry

    Andrew Perry, Junior iOS Engineer, is a scientist turned developer. He collaborates with the other devs and designers to solve complex problems.

  • Cameron Erdogan

    Cameron Erdogan, Junior iOS Engineer, codes in Swift and C#, uniting his math skills and creativity to help kids learn.

  • Free Debreuil

    Free Debreuil, iOS Programmer, former hippie, enjoys endlessly tweaking physics engines as part of the dynamic twin programming duo.

  • Sky Debreuil

    Sky Debreuil, iOS Programmer, former hippie, enjoys endlessly tweaking graphics engines as part of the dynamic twin programming duo.

  • Kristen Murphy

    Kristen Murphy, Studio Manager, is a former Brooklyn public high school teacher. Her relationship-building and organizational super powers align all the stars at Tinybop.

  • Alejandro Palmero

    Alejandro Palmero, Unity 3D Developer, loves using math to make things move and opening windows into new worlds in apps.

  • Matthew Tribe

    Matthew Tribe, Consulting CFO, loves seeing how numbers tell the stories of what we've done and what we can do.

  • Russell Savage

    Russell Savage, Senior iOS Engineer, is a software architect who develops open source libraries and enjoys creative coding of all kinds.