• Raul Gutierrez

    Raul Gutierrez

    Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, is an entrepreneur with a 20-year history in technology and the arts. Tinybop was born out of a belief that all kids are explorers. His hope is to build a company where ideas, design, and engineering come together to delight, inspire, and educate children. Raul was born in Monterrey, Mexico, grew up in Lufkin, Texas, and now lives in Brooklyn, with his wife and two young boys.

  • Youngna Park

    Youngna Park

    Youngna Park, Head of Product, connects the dots between artists, educators, writers, designers, and engineers to bring Tinybop’s apps to life. She’s also a photographer, the producer behind the award-winning dance film, Girl Walk // All Day, and a partner at the creative studio, Wild Combination. She splits her time between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley, and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible.

  • Robert Blackwood

    Robert Blackwood

    Robert Blackwood, Senior iOS Engineer, is a software architect and entrepreneur who finds inspiration in creating artificially intelligent systems and physical simulations. After working extensively to build software geared towards computer modeling, he discovered the endless creative possibilities within the mobile world and never looked back. Hailing from rural New Hampshire, Rob lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with a goofy Boston Terrier.

  • Katie Ahern

    Katie Ahern

    Katie Ahern, Education Specialist, focuses on all aspects of educational design from research and content development to play-testing Tinybop’s apps. She believes that at the core of learning are wonder and a desire to investigate the world. Her previous experience includes designing museum programs, writing classroom curriculum, and teaching students ranging from pre-kindergarten to college. Always game for a travel adventure, she took the train from California to her current home in New York.

  • Kika Gilbert

    Kika Gilbert

    Kika Gilbert, Head of Community, ideates and creates dialogue across Tinybop’s social platforms, engaging curious minds across the internet. After teaching in a Brooklyn public school, Kika joined an education startup to help teachers navigate the tech industry and bring exciting change to their classrooms. Originally from London, England, she currently lives in Brooklyn, and loves eating ice cream and frequenting parks with her two energetic dogs.

  • Melissa Jun

    Melissa Jun

    Melissa Jun, Head of Design, is behind Tinybop’s branding. She was born in a small town in Upstate, New York that used to make tableware. She came to New York City, in 2002, and has since worked for many amazing organizations, including: the New York Times, Pentagram, They Might Be Giants, and now, Tinybop. She currently lives in Brooklyn where she declares victory whenever she can walk to where she needs to be.

  • Jessie Sattler

    Jessie Sattler

    Jessie Sattler, Production Designer, has a background in visual communication design and art history. She choreographed and taught dance at a children’s theatre, which fueled her passion for working with kids. After spending her childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, she relocated to Connecticut before becoming a resident of Brooklyn. She’s endlessly inspired by going on adventures and interacting with the natural world.

  • Ashley Mannetta

    Ashley Mannetta

    Ashley Mannetta, Research Associate, compiles the facts that inform Tinybop’s apps and handbooks. A former children’s media reviewer, camp counselor, and after-school program teacher, she loves thinking like a big kid. When free, Ashley strives to see as many of New York’s creative offerings as she can, while still making time to cook for friends.

  • Yin Liu

    Yin Liu

    Yin Liu, Junior iOS Engineer, works at the intersection of art and technology. She splits her time between making app illustrations come to life through animation and writing code. She is a graduate of the ITP program at NYU, where she created Kinect games, made interactive art installations, programmed generative graphics and electronics, and found her new love: making puppets.

  • Josh Stewart

    Josh Stewart

    Josh Stewart, Front-End Developer, tends the code for the Tinybop site. He’s always loved taking things apart and putting them back together to understand how they work. In his spare time, he reads comic books, cooks, and dotes on his young son. Josh loves distance running, especially when he gets the chance to further explore the oddities of New York.

  • Katie Rose Dawson

    Katie Rose Dawson

    Katie Rose Dawson, Studio Manager, makes life easier for the other big kids at Tinybop. A natural organizer, she put together her first event at age ten: an annual pancake breakfast for 200 family and friends. Before Katie Rose moved to New York, she traveled the world and booked shows at the legendary Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, her hometown. You can find her listening to live music, hanging with her brother’s dog, Spock, or eating peanut butter out of the jar.

  • Leah Feuer

    Leah Feuer

    Leah Feuer, Product Manager, makes Tinybop’s apps bloom into being by uniting the ideas, code, art, and whimsy of a talented team. She has produced over 20 apps for startups and big brands alike. Outside of the office, she satisfies her inner Montessori child with plenty of side projects, from coding to quilting. Leah lives in the East Village. You can often find her drinking coffee and dreaming of her future pets at the dog park.

  • Sara Distin

    Sara Distin

    Sara Distin, Editorial Consultant, takes care of copy at Tinybop. When not absorbed in words, art, or something on the internet, Sara is most likely roaming, running long distances, skiing, or plotting another endeavor that gets her out of doors, under the sun and stars.

  • Brian Jacobs

    Brian Jacobs

    Brian Jacobs, Sound Designer, creates and collects the sounds that inhabit the Tinybop universe. A lifelong musician and composer, he is inspired by the incredible power that sound has to shape our experiences. When he’s not in the studio, his favorite activity is building a cabin in the woods with his wife and dog and contributing to an intentional community focused on living outdoors, acquiring practical skills, and protecting the wilderness.

  • Colleen Hampton

    Colleen Hampton

    Colleen Hampton, Product Manager, collaborates with writers, designers, researchers, and developers to keep apps moving down the Tinybop assembly line and out into the world. A graduate of Teacher’s College, she has produced children’s content across multiple media formats since 2004 and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Apart from creating digital environments, she loves spending time outdoors and off-screen with her musical husband and endlessly curious young daughter.

  • Cameron Erdogan

    Cameron Erdogan

    Cameron Erdogan, Junior iOS Engineer, creates digital worlds with code. He hails from central New Jersey and graduated from Columbia University with a BS in computer science. His passions include computer graphics, visualizations, and physics-based animation. Outside of Tinybop, he plays music and creates visual art. He thinks indie video games are cool too.

  • Andrew Perry

    Andrew Perry

    Andrew Perry, Junior iOS Engineer, is a scientist turned developer. His love for games, education, and his niece inspired his move from the world of renewable energy out in Colorado, to a new frontier of toys and learning at Tinybop. Back in his home state of New York, Andrew spends his time with family and friends exploring NYC and heading to the beaches and vineyards of Long Island.

  • Holly Graham

    Holly Graham

    Holly Graham, Production Designer, lends her steady hand and keen eye to the app-building process at Tinybop. Holly is also an illustrator, and her playful work appeals to both the young and the young at heart. She finds inspiration through traveling and learning new things. Holly spent much of her childhood in Kentucky exploring the outdoors, cooking with her toy kitchen, and doodling everywhere. Now in Brooklyn, she still loves getting outside and uses any excuse to eat chocolate.

  • Sarah Jacoby

    Sarah Jacoby

    Sarah Jacoby, Production Designer, is an illustrator, wanderer, and fraternal twin (she’s the one on the right). In the past she studied literature and film at Haverford College, earned her illustration MFA at MICA in Baltimore, and spent a year living out of a van camping in national parks. She has since found her way to Brooklyn, where she frequently bikes, seeks quality beverages of any kind, and is always on the hunt for new art and music buddies.