The Explorer’s Library

A series of interactive playscapes for curious kids 4+ that spark discovery and a deeper understanding of the world.

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Wander, root & grow

Unearth the secrets of the green kingdom. Investigate interactive dioramas of the grasslands, forest, and desert: befriend chattering animals, spark wildfires, spin through seasons and time, and see how flora and fungi germinate, pollinate, and decompose.

  • New: In the grasslands, graze with guanacos, whirl never-ending winds, and start smoldering fires that spark new growth.
  • In the forest, burrow with badgers, hatch an acorn into a mighty oak, inspect root systems, and crash clouds till lightning strikes. But beware the wandering bear!
  • In the desert, slurp from an oasis, jump with jerboa in the cool of night, and see how abundant life adapts to this tough habitat.
  • Original artwork by Marie Caudry.
  • Algorithmic animations yield surprises and reward hours of open play.
  • Buy now and get the next diorama — the tundra — for free when it’s released.


Tinybop apps are designed for and tested by kids. Apps in the Explorer’s Library support discovering, learning, and playing together.

  • Updated navigation with in-app tips — start exploring faster.
  • Easily switch between text labels in 50+ languages, including scientific names in Latin (in Plants).
  • A recording tool lets you and your kids leave questions and messages for each other.
  • A universal dashboard allows you to save and share conversations with your kids in all Tinybop apps.


Plants inspired Tinybop’s first two original songs, available for free on SoundCloud.

App scenes
Paper to plants
Inside guide
Surprise, delight, and support your kids’ learning with our handbooks: they’re full of interaction hints and insider intelligence.

Download our handbook in English, 简体中文, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, Português, and Pусский.

  • You’re bearing witness to nature through a slow experience that you can revisit again and again. In this sense, it really is a classic book come to life.

  • If all apps were like Tinybop’s, we wouldn’t worry so much about our kids staring at screens.

  • This is a gorgeous little sandbox app, packed with detail and surprises…it’s a brilliant way for kids to explore the foundations of ecosystems, biomes, and season change.