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Toys for tomorrow

We’re a Brooklyn-based studio creating educational products, for play at home and in the classroom, to spark the curiosity of kids around the world today.

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Built with care

We conduct thorough research and collaborate with subject experts to get the facts right. We work with celebrated artists to create vibrant illustrations. And we engineer intelligent animations for delightful, dynamic experiences.

We support kids and parents playing and learning together with kid-friendly designs and extras for grownups, including handbooks with tips and ideas to further learning.

By former kids

  • Raul Gutierrez

    Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, hopes to build a company where ideas, design, and engineering come together to delight, inspire, and educate children.

  • Rob Blackwood

    Robert Blackwood, Senior iOS Engineer, is a software architect and entrepreneur who finds inspiration in creating artificially intelligent systems and physical simulations.

  • Matthew Tribe

    Matthew Tribe, Consulting CFO, loves seeing how numbers tell the stories of what we’ve done and what we can do.

  • Eden Wall

    Eden Wall, Head of Operations and Strategy, keeps all of Tinybop’s trains running on track to ensure we’re building useful and engaging products for kids around the world.

  • Jeanelle Petrillo

    Jeanelle Petrillo, Senior Designer, stretches the bounds of the Tinybop brand and makes sure everything feels and looks right.

  • Sam Seidenberg

    Sam Seidenberg, Unity Engineer, uses his skills in instructional design and gamification to build products that promote learning.

  • Kendall Noble

    Kendall Noble, Technical Artist and Animator, strives to bring art and ideas to life through thoughtful use of technology and interactive animation.

  • Jenn Yun

    Jenn Yun, Producer, is shepherding Tinybop’s slate of upcoming television and film projects.

  • Elias Jarzombek

    Elias Jarzombek, Web Developer, builds Tinybop's web products to be usable, accessible, and beautiful.

  • Lewis Ryan

    Lewis Ryan, Web Developer, with a passion for developing solutions with positive end user experiences; which extends into his love for woodworking.