A few children’s books to help combat anti-Asian racism from Little Feminist


Over the past few years, we’ve seen a big increase in incidents of overt racism towards Asian Americans. This has accelerated during the past year when politicians equated a virus with a country and its people.

The toxic efficiency of this argument has affected Asian families from all over the world as some people have taken their fear and resentment of the pandemic out on others. This has touched Asian members of the Tinybop family and their kids who have been called names on the street, on public transportation, and has left us all a little more frightened and saddened at what we have become. Sometimes this name-calling has come from adults, sometimes from kids, and often from other people of color. Racism—while fueled by demagogues looking to divide us—starts at home. The books and the stories we tell our kids can help us humanize each other. Little Feminist has collected several picture books featuring Asian heritage which you can find here. We believe one of the keys to stopping racism early is to celebrate stories from many cultures and to talk about race openly with children.

We would love to hear how these conversations are going in your homes or classrooms, please feel free to send any other resources or information to us at support@tinybop.com. Let’s do the work together.