A stop-motion universe for Plants

One of the things we love about Kelli Anderson is her enthusiasm for taking on seemingly impossible projects. After surprising us by creating this paper stop-motion video for The Human Body, we asked her to create another paper world–this one for Plants.

Taking inspiration from Marie Caudry’s original illustrations for the app, we envisioned a stop-motion tale about the deciduous forest told through the lifecycle of a single acorn. We storyboarded with the app and its interactions in mind: how do you make seasons change, animals roam, and storms rage–in paper?

Kelli and her partner Daniel Dunnam took these cues, Marie’s illustrations, and the research compiled by our team, and created a miniature and incredibly detailed 3D interpretation of the forest (imagine a complex, four-foot-deep shadowbox).

Carefully planning out each scene like an intricate puzzle, they meticulously cut each component from paper. Blade-by-blade and leaf-by-leaf, they turned the vibrant forest of fall into the bare trunks of winter. They created a paper universe pulsing with texture, color, and depth. As finishing touches, Daniel added sound effects and Tinybop sound designer, Brian Jacobs, composed an original score.

As Kelli and Daniel told the story of the forest, filmmaker Jacob Krupnick captured the duo working into the wee hours of the night. Watch Krupnick’s behind-the-scenes take above.