Help us make more & better apps for Android


We have a big favor to ask all of you who have played our apps on Android. It should only take a minute of your time but it will mean the world to us.

Please rate or a review an app.

Our apps don’t have annoying pop-ups asking for reviews. They’re designed for kids, and we respect them as we do you.

But, here’s the catch: we depend on ratings and reviews to succeed — especially so right now as we’re new to the Google Play Store. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t really need your help. 

Your feedback will help others find great learning experiences and it will help us build better and more apps for Android. And, we’ll be forever grateful to you.

If you’re just finding us, and want to try our apps on Android, start here. Install and subscribe to the Explorer’s Pass first, then you can play all available and forthcoming Explorer’s Library apps for one low price (and 7 days free!).  

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to anytime. We’d love to hear from you!