LGBTQIA+ children's books you should have in your library!

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In June, many members of the LGBTQIA+ community came together to celebrate Pride Month. We at Tinybop see no reason why this celebration should ever come to an end.

A great way to continue celebrating with your child is through books that show many different types of families. Expanding children's libraries is an important way to talk to kids about families that look different than their own, as well as families that are like their own. Picture books are also a way for LGBTQIA+ children to see themselves in stories. Please check out some of our favorite picture books that feature LGBTQIA+ protagonists.


Image from And Tango Makes Three

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

    • Ages 2 - 5
    • This award-winning children’s book follows the story of how two male penguins, Roy and Silo, become a family. Roy and Silo are an inseparable couple, but they can’t have kids without the help of a kind zookeeper. This heartwarming story describes how Roy and Silo become parents.

It Feels Good to Be Yourself by Theresa Thorn

    • Ages 4 - 8
    • In It Feels Good to Be Yourself, readers will meet characters who identify as girls, boys, neither, both, or fall somewhere in between. This book highlights the importance of gender exploration and embracing your own identity. Children and parents will be able to explore the many types of gender identities that exist in the world while also learning the appropriate vocabulary to continue these important conversations on their own.

Image from I am Jazz

I am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennnings

    • Ages 4 - 8
    • Ever since Jazz was little, she has known that she didn't feel quite right in her body. While she was born in a boy's body, she never really felt like herself when she wore boy clothes. She much preferred playing mermaid, wearing princess gowns, and dressing up in high heels. Even though Jazz has always known who she was, her family was initially a little confused, until they took her to a doctor, who explained that Jazz is transgender. I am Jazz explains gender identity in a clear way that is beneficial to parents, educators, and kids: Jazz was born this way!

Keesha and Her Two Moms Go Swimming by Monica Bey-Clarke and Cheril N. Clarke

    • Ages 0 - 4 years
    • Keesha and Her Two Moms Go Swimming is a simple story that describes Keesha’s pool day! The story begins with Keesha introducing her moms before meeting up with her best friend at the pool. While at the pool, Keesha makes a new friend and shares her toys, just like her moms taught her. Keesha and Her Two Moms Go Swimming is a great story that emphasizes the importance of sharing and being kind.

Image from Donovan’s Big Day

Donovan’s Big Day by Leslea Newman and Mike Dutton

    • Ages 3 - 7
    • Today is a super big day for Donovan! His moms are getting married and he’s the ringbearer. Join Donovan as he gets ready for and experiences the wedding and celebration. This book perfectly captures the excitement of a child with a big job and a fun wedding!

Image from The Prince and Knight

The Prince and Knight by Daniel Haack

    • Ages 4 - 8
    • Once upon a time, a prince and his family traveled their kingdom looking for the perfect princess. After a lot of searching, they still couldn’t find anyone that the prince thought was right, until the Prince met a brave knight, and together they defended the kingdom and found true love. This story was published in partnership with GLAAD to celebrate LGBTQIA+ acceptance.

We hope you enjoy reading these delightful books. Reading books that depict LGBTQIA+ characters is not only a great way to foster acceptance early on but also offers readers a chance to better identify with the characters in the story. These books highlight the importance of acceptance and kindness, while also showcasing a diversity of family structures. Through these books, we hope that children learn to embrace their differences and be proud in their own skin.

If you are interested in more LGBTQIA+ books, please check out Strong Family Alliance or Family Equality. We know that sometimes many books or resources might not always get it right - if you have any thoughts on these titles or any other book suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Please email us at Thanks!