Make anything with The Everything Machine

Our new app gives kids a visual programming language so they can make their own machines with the tools and sensors on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. They can build something as simple as a light switch, a kaleidoscope…or something to catch the monster that’s been eating all the ice cream.

You’ll find a few more ideas for machines to try out when you start playing The Everything Machine, in the manual, and on YouTube. From what we’ve heard so far we know your kids (okay, and maybe some parents, too) are making machines we never imagined or anticipated.

This also means that some parts of the app might not work like you imagined or anticipated. We’d love to hear your wishes and suggestions for the app so we can add them to our (long and growing!) list of ideas. Email us or post a video or note and tag it @tinybop or #tinybop. Thank you!