Make machines for Computer Science Education Week


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We're excited: it’s Computer Science Education Week! From December 7th to 13th, schools around the globe are participating through Hour of Code, an organization dedicated to getting kids involved in coding. We care about stoking curiosity about STEM because we know the world can only improve with kids who are resourceful, creative problem-solvers who think outside the box.

It’s one reason we built The Everything Machine, our app that unlocks the sensors and tools packed in an iOS device and lets kids tinker and invent with them. As technology improves light years beyond what it is now, exposing kids to the potential and excitement tech can bring will become even more important.

So, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code, we've created a few tutorials to help you dig further into the app and build some very nifty machines. As a bonus, two were created with special edition Tinybop postcards. Drop us a line at if you'd like one and we'll mail it to you!

If you haven't already, you should also check out our first series of how-tos and the machines our community is building.

Motion security system

Kaleidoscope machine

Secret message decoder

One-bit adder