Travel ‘round the globe in our new app, Homes


We’re so pleased and proud to share: our new app Homes is here!

We wanted to shout it from the rooftops — of a brownstone, an adobe house, a yurt, and a tower house (all the homes currently featured in the app) — but figured it’d be easier to divulge a few of our favorite details right here, instead.


This sweet yurt is one of four homes currently featured in Homes. Interactive labels in 50+ languages can be turned on or off.

The third app in the Explorer’s Library, Homes is a romp around the world, from Brooklyn to Mongolia, Guatemala to Yemen. Illustrated by award-winning artist Tuesday Bassen (more about her here, soon!), Homes is a playful peek into the way people live in different countries, cultures, and geographies. Kids can wander into more than 20 spaces, poke around, make meals, make a mess, pop their photos into frames, play music, draw, and even de-fleece a sheep!


Peek behind the walls in each house to see how electricity and plumbing work.

Each home snaps and crackles to life, quite literally, with interactive animations, original sound design, and behind-the-walls utilities scenes. About the inspiration for this, founder Raul Gutierrez relays:

Sometimes I find my kids listening to the sounds of our house, just as I did as a kid. I’d push my ear to the wall and hear flowing water, the hum of machinery, and an occasional creak that had the timbre of a sigh. In my imagination, my home was very much alive. I was fascinated with illustrated books, like Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy World and Doris Burn’s Andrew Henry’s Meadow, that showed how homes worked.

About the app in general, he continues:

Being from Brooklyn, my kids are particularly interested in homes around the world. When we travel, even small differences between homes become the object of intense study. They want to know how children in other places live, how they play, how they sleep.

All of us at Tinybop HQ have vivid memories of the homes we grew up in, the homes of friends we visited, study abroad homestays and the sights, sounds, meals, and experiences we took in. We hope to share a little bit of these adventures with kids of all ages around the world (Homes is available in 50+ languages!).


Plant a garden outside this adobe home in Guatemala.

We hope you enjoy the app. For pro tips and interesting info, grab a free Homes Handbook and learn alongside your kids. And, as always, if you have feedback or stories to share, please leave a review on the App Store or reach out to We’re listening closely — we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you. Ok, now go get Homes!