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We’re beyond excited to introduce Me — our newest app, the fifth in the Digital Toys series — not a moment too soon. Like other Digital Toys apps, Me encourages creative thinking. But it’s also our first app specifically designed to support kids’ socio-emotional development.

Me gives kids a safe place to tell their stories, express their identities and feelings, and to document the world around them. Kids can respond to 100s of questions about their feelings and preferences, their families, friends, schools, and homes to create vibrant, dynamic self-portraits in photos, GIFs, pictures, words, and recordings.

At a time when teachers are reporting an increase in bullying and anxiety among kids in their classrooms (Tinybop’s CEO and founder, Raul, has seen it in his kid’s classroom, too), our goal with Me is to help kids build skills like self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional literacy.  

These skills are essential to children’s ability to positively contribute to the world and to their academic success. Research suggests that the better kids understand themselves, the more able they are to be empathetic and understand others. Teaching empathy can help combat bullying, peer cruelty, and the mental health epidemic.

Update: Me is now available on the App Store. Here are some more ideas to help support your kids’ social and emotional development.

Tough Guys Have Feelings Too By Keith

Image from Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

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