Seeing the invisible is a superpower


The Human Body app lets kids see what’s under their skin — what’s otherwise invisible to them.

And so, it’s been used in homes and hospitals alike to help parents and doctors show children where and how an illness or ailment affects them and what’s being done to treat them. This knowledge can alleviate fear and empower kids — whether or not they’re feeling well. 

As one father shared, “my daughter had a huge stomachache the other night right around bedtime (from eating a bunch of ice cream too late — thanks grandparents). Because she’s spent so much time playing with this app, she now has a very good mental picture of the digestive system and how it works. We were able to talk through what the problem was, and how it was going to resolve itself. Realizing that she knew what was going on made her instantly feel a lot better...”

The Human Body — along with icons like the red cross emblem and anti-tobacco campaigns — is currently in an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, in London, that looks at how graphic design can persuade, inform, and empower people when it comes to health care. The exhibition asks Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? And while that answer may vary, we definitely think the knowledge gained by seeing the invisible is a superpower for future lifesavers.

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