Simple Machines experiment: see how a wedge works


In Simple Machines, kids split an iceberg egg in half with different wedges. With this printable activity, you and your kids can see how a wedge works together.

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You need:

  • a butter knife or fork (choose a utensil that you are comfortable with your child handling)
  • bread, clay, or an apple (choose an object your child can cut)

See how a wedge works

  1. With your child, try splitting or cutting the object in half without using the wedge.
  2. Identify which part of the utensil is the wedge.
  3. Use the wedge to split or cut the object in half.

Were you able to split or cut the object without the wedge? Was it harder to do? Why? Why would you use different wedges for different tasks? Would you use a fork to cut something and a knife to pick up something to eat? Why or why not?

This activity was designed to further learning in the Simple Machines app. Find more activities to support your kids’ learning in the Simple Machines Handbook.