Favorite resources for creative and active distance learning (part 3)

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As we bounce into another week of distance learning, our focus shifts to helping kids keep their imaginations and bodies active while they are stuck at home. We’ve gathered some of our favorite online learning resources for kids that might need a change of pace.


Image from Book Creator

Book Creator
Stories are a great way to get kids thinking critically and creatively. With Book Creator, kids can come up with their own stories to explore class subjects or to tap into their imaginations!

    • Currently free
    • Web, Mobile (iOS)

Image from Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab
With Chrome Music Lab, kids can play with different musical instruments, creating their own bands right from their computers. Kids learn the fundamentals of music learning through hands-on activities and are encouraged to use music in sync with coursework math, science, and other areas.

    • Free
    • Web

Image from But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
But Why is a podcast powered by children’s curiosities, encouraging users to explore timely questions, such as “What is Coronavirus?” and others such as “Do Animals Get Married?”

    • Free
    • Web, Mobile (iOS)

Image from Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture offers the perfect virtual solution for those stuck at home and craving a little bit more culture and adventure. Kids can explore Machu Picchu, walk through the Guggenheim Museum, or even go whale watching. There are endless opportunities for virtual site-seeing, so make sure to select destinations that match your child’s interests and grade level.

    • Free
    • Web

Radiolab for Kids
Radiolab for Kids offers a library of podcasts carefully curated for a young audience. Listeners can investigate what goes on in the minds of animals, or learn just how universal a popular game like tic-tac-toe really is.

    • Free
    • Web

Image from Animation Desk

Animation Desk
With Animation Desk, kids can bring their wildest ideas to life through animation and then share the storyboard and animations sequences they create with others.

    • Free
    • Mobile (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)

Image from Food Literacy Center

Food Literacy Center
The Food Literacy Center’s curriculum teaches food literacy and hands-on cooking to kids. These kid-friendly recipes are sure to keep kids entertained, engaged, and well-fed while they are stuck at home.

    • Free
    • Web

Image from Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed.
Yoga Ed. offers a variety of developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness classes to get kids moving and thinking positively during this uncertain time. The site's classes serve as excellent brain breaks or physical education activities.

    • Currently free
    • Web

Image from Tinkergarten

Tingergarten provides weekly DIY activity plans and live sessions to help foster hands-on learning opportunities at home. These activities can all be done with common household objects, and can be adjusted for a variety of different age groups.

    • Free
    • Web

Image from GoNoodle

GoNoodle combines academic learning and physical education with a variety of interactive games, videos, and activities. Kids can choose from hundreds of dance videos, workout videos, and calming hands-on activities to help them move and interact with their environment.

    • Free
    • Web, Mobile (iOS, Android, Amazon), TV (Apple, Roku)

We hope that you are finding these guides helpful while you are stuck at home. We’d love to hear what other resources are working for you and your kids! Please send them to support@tinybop.com.


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