Stoke insatiable curiosity & save on all our apps


When I was a kid, I pined for those encyclopedias you could buy in the grocery store. I wanted the whole set but only managed to finagle a few of them here and there. Each volume was carefully selected based on the subject I was most excited about right then. Because each was full of information about subjects alphabetically adjacent, I ended up getting a lot more than I bargained for. But when, for example, my interest in seahorses inspired me to look up mangroves, I was out of luck.

We have good news for all of you with similarly insatiably curious kids: now you can get all six of our award-winning apps for $15.99 in The Tinybop Collection.

Each app is individually priced for $2.99 or $3.99 so you save over 20%. If you’ve already bought any one or a few of the apps — thank you — you can still get the bundle. You’ll only be charged for the apps you don’t have and at the discounted price. (Pretty sure that wasn’t an option with those encyclopedias).

The Tinybop Collection includes four apps from our first, and ongoing series, The Explorer’s Library. Each Explorer’s Library app is designed for kids ages 4+ to discover big ideas and learn about the world around them:

  • In No.1, The Human Body, kids see what we’re made of and how we work in the muscular, circulatory, digestive, skeletal, nervous, and respiratory systems.
  • In No. 2, Plants, kids wander a forest, grasslands, and desert to see how flora and fauna thrive in different biomes.
  • In No. 3, Homes, kids explore how people live in different households around the world, from Brooklyn to Mongolia, Yemen to Guatemala.
  • In No. 4, Simple Machines, kids experiment with pulleys, levers, inclined planes, screws, wheels and axles, and wedges to see how they work.
  • You can also get just these four apps for a discount in Tinybop Explorers 1-4.

The Tinybop Collection also includes two apps from our second, and also ongoing series, Digital Toys. Each Digital Toys app is designed for kids 6+ to build, test, and collect whatever they can imagine:

  • In The Robot Factory, kids build with 100 robot parts to create and test an infinite number of robots. Physics-driven robots walk, jump, fly, dance, and sometimes combust!
  • In The Everything Machine, kids use a visual programming language to build their own machines using the sensors and tools on your device.
  • And, you can get just these two apps for a discount in Tinybop Makers.

We hope you and your kids enjoy them all! As always, we really appreciate hearing from you. Post a review on the App Store or send us an email at