How do I turn on text labels?

Text labels are available to support learning in Explorer's Library apps. 

To turn labels on or off in The Human BodyPlantsHomesSimple MachinesThe EarthWeatherSkyscrapers, SpaceMammals, and Coral Reef:

To turn on text labels:

  1. Tap the key  in the top left corner to reveal a toolbar.
  2. Tap the gear at the top to reveal more buttons.
  3. Tap the label icon to turn the labels on. Tap it again to turn them off.

By default, labels display in the language native to your device. If you’ve selected multiple languages (under Settings on your device), you can toggle through them by tapping on the letters that appear to the right of the label icon (examples: en, de, fr for English, German, and French).

To turn labels on or off in States of Matter and Coral Reef:

  1. While playing the app, tap the gear at the top left of the screen.
  2. Tap the label icon to turn labels on and off.

Last edited on July 12, 2017

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