Apps to Show You Care


Valentine’s Day is approaching, but it’s not the only day you can show how much you care. We’ve rounded up a few apps to help you spread the love all year.

  • Line: For direct communication with distant loved ones, Line offers video and photo sharing as well as free voice and video calls. Their text messaging system comes with adorable and expressive sticker packs for when emojis aren’t enough.
  • Kindoma Storytime: Read your child’s favorite book with them, even when you’re apart, with Kindoma Storytime’s video chat feature.
  • Touchnote and Felt: Postcards apps, Touchnote and Felt, deliver nostalgia straight to your loved one’s door. Your child can doodle and practice their handwriting with Felt. If you have a little more to say, Touchnote also has a greeting card option.
  • Keepy: Share your child’s artwork with family and friends with Keepy. Video and audio recording help your child describe their piece and lets admirers say, “Kudos!”.