Loves: more STEM resources for curious kids


As a studio of curious adults (formerly, curious children), we love to share the videos, apps, books, and other media that we hope will spark that same curiosity in children today. Here, we’ve rounded up a few that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math!

  • Solve mathematical mysteries with the detectives on Mathnet, recommended by Youngna. Kids will get a kick out of using what they’ve learned in math class to save the day and the “vintage” 80s look of these videos (even if they don’t get the Dragnet reference).
  • What do you get when you mix basic geometry and Montessori methodology? You get Montessori Geometry, an app recommended by Raul, that introduces the names and features of geometric shapes through fun mini-games made with beautiful aesthetics.
  • Contrary to what its title suggests, the app Simple Physics is far from simple. Kids are challenged to put their building skills to the test and create structures that can weather the elements. Recommended by Raul, this app teaches basic engineering fundamentals in an engaging way.
  • Motion Math Zoom, also recommended by Raul, consists of a simple, animated number line that makes an abstract concept like place value tangible and interactive. As you move through the levels, the number lines increase in detail and whimsy.
  • Tinker along with Rosie, a girl who learns not to let the fear of failure keep her from pursuing her engineering dreams. Recommended by Kika, Rosie Revere, Engineer inspires readers to let nothing come between them and their passions.

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