Be together, play together, learn together


Just in time for the gifting season, The New York Times published a guide to choosing apps for your kids (including Tinybop apps 🤗 that you can find on the App Store and Google Play Store).

NYT begins with the basics — look for brands you know and trust, avoid apps with in-app purchases and advertising, and make sure your child’s privacy is protected — but also digs into some of the details that can really make kids’ apps great. As Common Sense Media’s Christine Elgersma advises, look for apps that “bring to life an experience that’s impossible to create off screen,” and that “offer kids the chance to interact and take some ownership and agency around what they’re learning.”

The story closes with this sweet reminder: “A parent can really be a bridge to transfer any learning an app has to the real world… Co-use and co-play — that is one of the most powerful ways that apps can be educational.” After all it’s always the season to be together, to learn together, to play together.

Read “How to Choose the Best Apps for Your Kids” here.