Explore the science of the skies

Eric Sloan Weather Books

We love exploring the science of the skies. Here are some of our favorite kids' media for thinking and talking about weather. If you haven't already, you can also experiment with extreme and everyday weather in our app, Weather.

  • Brains On! is a podcast for kids, or adults — anyone who is “serious about being curious.” And conveniently, it covers pretty much every topic we do in our Explorer’s Library apps: from tornadoes to boogers, you’ll find plenty of interesting listening.
  • Weather changes every day. But what if we had to live with a constant gale? Youngna recommends the animated investigation into this question, Wind.
  • Whether your home is rarely or regularly blanketed in white, Raul recommends Katy and the Big Snow. Follow Katy the snowplow as she clears the roads after a big storm.
  • Eric Sloane’s classic weather books bring science to life. With simple explanations and elegant illustrations, Sloan answers some of our most complicated questions about the skies above.
  • See how the weather varies around the world in a single day in On the Same Day in March. The book is recommended by Ashley as a clever way to get kids asking questions about how weather works.

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