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Universal Design Workbook Tinybop

At Tinybop, we believe that good design can have a positive impact on everyone, and that everyone should have access to good design.

When it comes to buildings — from Homes to Skyscrapers — we love when architects, designers, and engineers create spaces that everyone can access and enjoy.

Universal design strives to create things that can be accessed, understood, and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability, or disability. 

In The Universal Designer’s Workbook, we invite kids to empathize with a diverse range of people and evaluate the accessibility of their home or school building. Kids explore different features and spaces and come up with new design solutions that improve the usability of their building.

The Universal Designer’s Workbook was created as a companion activity to learning in two of our Explorer’s Library apps, Skyscrapers and Homes.

You need:

  • The Universal Designer’s Workbook (print it!)
  • A building (either your home or school will work)
  • A camera or drawing utensils
  • A clipboard or portable flat surface to write on

Teachers: this activity can be done at home or at school.

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Learn more: 

In Skyscrapers, kids can investigate and tinker with structural features and systems within a building. As kids manipulate different parts of their skyscraper, they can observe how it impacts the people inside.

In Homes, kids can travel from Guatemala to Yemen and peek into a diverse range of homes. They interact with different living spaces and objects within, experiencing each home from the perspective of its inhabitants.

P.S. For more design fun see the What Shape is a Home? activity for Homes. And don’t forget to check out The Homes Handbook and The Skyscrapers Handbook, available in multiple languages.