No. 3 of The Explorer’s Library

Homes by Tinybop

Explore unique homes around the world.

homes around the world

Travel around the globe

Point to a place on the map and go! From urban America to Mongolia’s blue skies, from Guatemalan mountains, to the deserts of Yemen.

Play in faraway places

See how people live in different countries, geographies, climates, and cultures. Draw a sidewalk masterpiece or de-fleece a sheep!

Yemeni tower house
ger interior

Every house is your house

You have the key to 20+ spaces in four unique homes. Play outside, wander in, and poke around. Pop your photos into frames and see yourself in mirrors.

adobe kitchen

Live like a local

Serve tea in the mafraj of a tower house or steam delicious dumplings in a yurt. Page through books in local languages. Hear new sounds all around.

utilities in the adobe

Peek behind the walls

Wires spark and pipes squeak bringing the mysteries of plumbing and electricity to life. But watch out for bubbling pots and toilets!

Learn new words in 50+ languages

How do you say “bathtub” in Spanish? Turn on interactive labels in Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, French — and more!

brownstone bathroom with labels
Tuesday Bassen

Meet the artist

Award-winning illustrator Tuesday Bassen drew all the delightful details you’ll find in Homes. Her home is most like a cozy brownstone, but she’d gladly trade it for a yurt. Learn a little more about Tuesday in our interview.

El03 Handbook Thumbnail En

Get an inside guide

Surprise, delight, and support your kids’ learning with the Homes Handbook: it’s full of interaction hints and insider intelligence.

Download for free in English, 简体中文, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, Português, Pусский, Italiano, 한국어, Türkçe, and Svenska.

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