HQ update: links & loves


We’re skedaddling for the holidays so we’re leaving you with this list of things to read and do till we return in January. Here’s hoping your end o’ year is merry and bright, full of fun and delight!

Learn: interesting links

  • Robo-dogs, 3D-printed decorations, and interactive light installations! The Obamas’ holiday decorations are totally geeky.
  • Decorate with code! And light up a tree in your state or territory.
  • What do a wooly mammoth and Amelia Earhart’s flight suit have in common? They’re among the first objects you can learn about in detail on the Smithsonian X 3D Explorer, without a trip to the museum.

Explore: activities for everyone

Play: recommended apps

  • Hunker down and draw with Doodlecast, a visual storytelling app, recommended by Raul Gutierrez, CEO.
  • Craft a tale with photos, video, and audio recordings with the app VoiceThread, recommended by Kika Gilbert, Head of Community.
  • Listen up and learn about the mind’s ear with Sound Uncovered, an interactive book app, recommended by Katie Ahern, Education Specialist.