Loves: the Earth beneath our feet

Wind ROBERT LOEBEL-Tinybop Loves

Our newest app, The Earth, lets kids discover our dynamic planet: from its fiery core to frozen glaciers. While we make sure to get the facts right in every Explorer’s Library app, we like to take a good look at all sides of a subject’s story. As Sarah Jacoby notes in her interview, fiction also plays an important role in helping us bring our apps to life.

Here are a few of our favorite finds, both informational and fantastical, from our dig into our planet:

  • When creating the artwork for The Earth, Sarah turned to Cecil the Pet Glacier. While she also dug into the facts, this sweet fictional story helped her infuse the drawings with a little fun.
  • As someone who spent hours over months researching our planet, Ashley has a special appreciation for all the info crammed into each short episode of MinuteEarth.
  • We all know the important role wind plays in shaping the Earth, but what if we had to live with a constant gale? Youngna recommends the animated investigation into this question, Wind.
  • From mountain tops to river beds, rocks change the shape of the planet wherever they go. But in Everybody Needs a Rock, it’s the shape of a rock itself that makes it special.

As always, find more wonderful things for kids on Loves.