Tinybop Schools is here

Launch Newsletter 1 B

Tinybop Schools brings our Explorer’s Library apps to the web, for classroom use, on any computer or device.

Tinybop Schools also provides supplementary, curriculum-based information to support teaching, discussion questions to guide students, and metrics for measuring students’ progress.

Tinybop Schools teaches science literacy through exploration and discovery in interactive STEM models. Students can explore anatomy in The Human Body, zoology in Mammals, geography in Homes, physics in Simple Machines, geology in The Earth, meteorology in Weather, engineering in Skyscrapers, and astronomy in Space.

We’ve been working with teachers on Tinybop Schools as we’ve built it. As Tinybop’s founder and CEO Raul Gutierrez explains:

Teachers have long been Tinybop’s most passionate advocates because our apps engage students and bring classrooms to life. But, we knew teachers were limited because the apps were only available for iOS and Android devices.

Now, with Tinybop Schools, schools everywhere can bring Tinybop’s popular interactive STEM models into their classrooms — on the web, on any devices or computers. Rather than listening to a lecture about beating hearts, tornados, or earthquakes, kids can experiment with them to understand the invisible forces that shape our world — an experience teachers and students describe as magical.

Thanks, teachers! We’re hoping to support your work more and more.

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