Top apps for kids picked by Chris Haughton


As he was working on his super sweet book app, Hat Monkey, children’s book illustrator Chris Haughton went through a process that’s all too familiar to us… — weeding through tons and tons of apps to find the diamonds among lots and lots of rough.

But he dug up some pretty great apps, including…

The Human Body! We’re so tickled with his description of the app that I’ll share a little here:

This is like a simplified google earth for the human body. You can zoom into the different systems of the body, the heart and circulatory system has a beating heart that you can view inside and out and watch the blood cells travel around. When you click on the little jogging legs to do some exercise you can see the heart beating faster…

His list doesn’t stop there. Like us, he also loves Christoph Niemann’s Petting Zoo.

Peruse the rest of Haughton’s “Top 10 book and bookish apps for young children” here. And as always, find more app recommendations from us here.