We've got goosebumps! The Human Body 3.0 is here


We just released a big update for our very first app, The Human Body. In the app, kids explore an interactive model of the body — from the beating heart to gurgling guts — to discover what we’re made of and how we work.

In this update, kids can now explore the skin we live in. Kids go under the skin to find out how hair and nails grow and more.

The Human Body — like all the apps in The Explorer’s Library — introduces kids to big ideas.

Kids can see how we see by observing images as they travel through the eye. Kids can see how their own voices turn into sound waves that move from the ear to the brain. Kids can learn about the digestive system by feeding the body to find out how it reacts. As Fast Company writesThe Human Body “gives kids what they want: farts.”