A Book of Sleep


A dreamy little tale of sleep.

The whimsical, watchful owl on the cover of Il Sung Na’s A Book of Sleep caught my eye when trying to find a book for my baby nephew a few years ago. I recently went in search of this book again as a gift for a friend’s baby shower. The illustrations and the short prose are charming for both children and adults, making this book a delightful nighttime read.

It is a dreamy little tale that meanders through the night sky, introducing young children to a cast of sleeping animals and their sweet quirks. The curious owl keeps watch over the peaceful koalas and the booming elephant, the one-eyed pigeons and the unblinking fish, the lone giraffe and the huddled penguins. When daylight returns and the animals wake, the owl of course finally gets some zzzz’s.

Find A Book of Sleep at your local library.