Big Fat Little Lit


Fairy tales, spooky stories, and silly adventures for kids by grownup graphic artists.

Big Fat Little Lit is a compilation of work from the best graphic novelists working today that masquerades as a collection of comics for kids. Editors Art Spiegelman and François Mouly have an eye for rich storytelling that remains poignant and relatable even when it is absurd. Little Lit is filled with misfit kids whose parents love them deeply, meanies who learn their lessons, and plenty of magic. The tone ranges from light-hearted (see Ian Falconer and David Sedaris’ “Pretty Ugly”) to meditative (David Mazzucchelli’s “The Fisherman and the Sea Princess”). Little Lit is a huge book, the perfect thing for siblings, and parents, to share. Look out for contributions from Maurice Sendak, Daniel Clowes, and Charles Burns.

Find Big Fat Little Lit at your local library.