Brave Irene


Irene must deliver a beautiful ball gown to the duchess amidst a fierce snowstorm.

My copy of Brave Irene, another William Steig favorite, is weathered and torn from re-read after re-read during my childhood. I loved—and still love—the story of plucky and stubborn Irene, the daughter of a dressmaker tasked to make a beautiful ball gown for the duchess. The day of the ball, Irene’s mother falls ill, so Irene (bravely) offers to deliver the gown to the duchess herself. There’s just one big problem: a blizzard is raging outside, the wind is howling, and nature seems to have it out for Irene and the gown. Through Steig’s ever-magical illustrations and clever, heartwarming writing, the book tugs on themes of courage, mother-daughter love, and sheer will to overcome big obstacles with at least a little humor. This is a great book, especially on a snowy day.

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