Christina Katerina & The Box


An imaginative young girl reinvents a cardboard box as a fort, a race car, a dance floor, and more.

As a child of pillow forts and bunk-bed hideaways, reinventing ordinary spaces into new ones was a reliable way to transport me and my young imagination. Christina Katerina & The Box stars an ever-clever young girl whose love of things—“tin cups and old dresses, worn-out ties and empty boxes”—comes alive when her mother receives a new refrigerator, and she, a large new box. Christina Katerina, with the help of her reckless but—deep down—loving friend, Fats, reinvent the box again and again as a castle, a racecar, a secret fort and more. Each time the fort comes down, the box is worse for the wear. When her mother comes to wield the box away, Christina Katerina shakes her head, pulls it back to the yard and reinvents the parts that remain.

Find Christina Katerina & The Box at your local library.