Design Dossier


An introduction to design in our lives and as a job.

Today’s children will have different career options than previous ones did, and a lot of those options will be in design-related fields. But while most middle schoolers can tell you what an astronaut or a firefighter does, few are likely to know the details of what a designer does. The Design Dossier series introduces children to design using hands-on activities and familiar examples from common surroundings.

The introductory World of Design book explains design as a matter of line, shape, form, color, pattern, texture, and composition. Readers are encouraged to visit a park and think about what shapes would be needed to build a model of it, or explore composition by thinking about the parts of a favorite artwork. Loose cards each describe a different type of design, including production design, book arts, interior design, and more. The book does not treat design as something borne of talent alone, but instead offers a detailed description of the whole creative process and a timeline exploring how various forms of design have evolved.

More than learning about design itself, children will develop an appreciation for the world of buildings, clothing, objects, and text surrounding them, and will begin to appreciate how those things came to be. Additional Design Dossier books explore specific design fields in greater depth, and offer profiles of famous designers in each field.

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