Everybody Needs a Rock


Ten rules for finding your very own special rock.

Over the weekend I found a fossil, black shapes of a small fern embedded in a piece of shale among millions of pieces of shale in a scree field. Looking down for small treasures like this, I realized, was a habit I formed as a kid. Most likely, soon after reading this book.

In Everybody Needs a Rock, the narrator shares the necessary steps for finding your own special rock. Having a good rock, she explains, is more important than having tricycles, horses, goldfish, and fire engines. So, you must use all of your senses in your search: look, listen, touch, smell, and wonder (she does not, however, recommend tasting rocks to find the one for you). Once you’ve found your rock, you’ll know why it’s the one for you and only you.

The book reveals that your rock (or anything you collect) may not have obvious value to someone else (say, an adult), but it becomes important to you because of the meaning and stories you give it. Where did it come from? Why is its color so bright? What does it look like? Who knows, you might even find a rock that’s like a horse or a fire engine but better because it fits in your pocket. You can take it with you wherever you go, for forever, if you’re lucky.

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