Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Feature Goodbye Autumn Hello Winter

Learn about how the environment starts to change as it gets colder!

As we settle into these dreary winter months over here at our Tinybop Studio, we are so happy we found Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter which helps explain how our environment changes as it gets colder.

Read along as leaves start to fall, birds start to migrate, and other animals start to thicken their coats to prepare for the cold days ahead. Gradually, we see cloud cover increase, and days get shorter as the neighborhood turns into a winter wonderland full of heavy coats, scarves, icicles, and snow angels. This book is a beautiful exploration of how the world around us adapts to colder weather and shows readers what some key signs are that the weather is changing.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter is a great way to start exploring seasonal changes with your young readers and helps open the door to much bigger conversations such as climate change. There are two other books in the series as well, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring and Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, which provide a close look at other seasonal transitions.

You can find Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter at your local library here. If you like this topic, you might want to check out our app Weather where users can experiment with different elements and see how the environment reacts in a hands-on way. Please feel free to email us at with any other favorite winter resources!