Secret of the Stone Frog


Two young children wake up in an enchanted forest.

Toon Books is an imprint dedicated to publishing high quality graphic novels and comics for kids. Secret of the Stone Frog is one of their many award-winning titles that takes young readers on an Alice in Wonderland/Little Nemo-inspired journey through a forest where bees are pets and buildings can get upset. The story follows a brother and sister through the forest, and, like many dream stories this one has it’s own deliciously skewed logic (a bee eats words right off the page). The tale is simply told, letting the richly evocative illustrations carry many plot details. My eight year-old son refused to put this book down until he was finished, and then insisted re-reading it so we could discuss it. Books that inspire conversation are books I can always get behind.

Find Secret of the Stone Frog at your local library.