The Jolly Postman


Follow a postal carrier along his route.

I remember poring over The Jolly Postman as a child, reading and re-reading the rhyming schemes and inspecting all of the intricate illustrations, trying to find another delightful, hidden detail lovingly made by illustrator-writer couple Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

The Jolly Postman follows a postal carrier as he interacts with different individuals on his route, a concept that may sound slightly boring at first. But the book is both endearing and fascinating, as it features letters that you can pull from envelopes, which range from an invitation to Goldilocks’ birthday party to a witches’ catalogue (do you want boots in midnight black, coal black, jet black, crow black, or bat black?). I used to carefully fold and replace the letters in their envelopes, lest I lose the best component of one of my favorite books!

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