Where Everyday Things Come From

Everyday Things Come From

As someone who runs a kids' media company, I’m often asked for deep-cut book recommendations. 'Where Everyday Things Come From' is one of my favorites. It's out of print, but easy to find on Amazon and eBay. 'Where Everyday Things Come From' helps children understand the idea that virtually everything in their home is the product of someone's work. It traces glass from sand to a window and salt from an underground mine to a saltshaker. This is one of those books that helps children look at the world differently. In 'Where Everyday Things Come From', kids will learn how paper, glass, steel, soap, plastic, paint, cotton, salt, and chocolate are made (to name a few)! In my experience kids get deep into the illustrations—this is a title that is often studied more than it’s read. The pen and watercolor illustrations by Aldren Watson are spectacularly detailed.

I loved this book as a child and it inspired some of what we do at Tinybop.

If you're a fan of Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? this is a great companion.