The Earth and I

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Take an eye-opening look into our home.

Earth is an extraordinary place to live. We’re given energy, natural resources, and everything we need to sustain life. But from increasing consumption to pumping out greenhouse gases, we aren’t always so nice to our home planet.

While we’re becoming increasingly environmentally aware, there is still much more we can do to change. In the introduction of The Earth and I, Lovelock reminds us of the importance to “examine history and imagine a different future,” which is why the book’s chapters, contributed by 12 scientists, cover the past, present, and future of Earth.

The book is packed with clear digestible information, engaging infographics, and a glossary for tougher vocabulary. Kids will learn about the history of the Earth’s creation, the scale of the universe, how our behavior is influenced by unprocessed information in our brain, and much more. What I love most about The Earth and I is that rather than simply adding to the mountains of preexisting data, Lovelock offers a deeper understanding of the intricacies of our planet, our existence, and the responsibility we have to change the future.

If this book inspires a curiosity for our home planet, your kids might also like our app, The Earth.

Find The Earth and I at your local library.