Summer Camp Island

Summer Camp Island By Julia Pott

"If you're looking for a refreshing break from the Disney/Marvel/Star Wars hegemony, then Summer Camp Island might be the perfect show for your kids.

The premise of the series is all in the theme song:

Magic is real here / Faway from home / Anything can happen / When witches make the rules
Monsters are cool / The moon is our friend / I wanna stay with you / On Summer Camp Island

Creator Julia Pott takes this premise and runs with it, following the adventures of Oscar (an elephant) and Hedgehog (a hedgehog) on Summer Camp Island, where witches serve as camp counselors and monsters lurk under the beds.

The show is gentle and funny, yet never saccharine. The illustration style is delightfully old-school but feels super fresh. Relatable stories connect with real-life situations many children may experience at school, at camp, or just hanging out with other kids. There's plenty in there for parents too. This show is laugh-out-loud fun. Put succinctly: Summer Camp Island is wonderful. It provides about 1000 times more fun than most of the "kids" programming out there. All 40 episodes of season 1 are available on Comedy Central.

addendum: Julia Pott says she's working on children's books next. We can't wait to read them.