The Point


A fable about a round-headed boy who discovers that everything has a point.

The Point, an animated film adapted from Harry Nilsson’s studio album, tells the story of a boy unlike anyone else in his home, the Pointed Village. Banished to the Pointless Forest for having a round head, Oblio meets a peculiar band of characters, all more nonsensical than the last. A man with three heads who points Oblio in every direction. A fast talking tree that manufactures and sells his own leaves. Optimistic Oblio gets to know them, and finds that they all have their own purpose. He even discovers his own point and, with his newfound self-worth, returns home to a rejoicing village. The Point instills lessons of resilience, positivity, and acceptance.

As a kid, I would watch old shows that we’d recorded on VHS tapes. At the very end of a homemade tape, after a few moments of static, The Point would always play, just before my bedtime. The warm story, with its colorful early 1970s animation, would fill me with endless joy, no matter how many times I watched it.