The Wind in the Willows


A charming stop-motion series inspired by Kenneth Grahame’s beloved characters.

Many mornings of my childhood were devoted to adventures with Toad, Badger, Ratty, and Moley through the riverbank to the Wild Wood. The stories of The Wind in the Willows follow their friendship while teaching moral lessons about patience, kindness, and loyalty. But there’s plenty of humor, too. In this idyllic landscape, Toad gets into all kinds of trouble, from his hot air balloon blunder to his holiday party misfortune. The humanity of the woodland creatures drives each heartwarming and well-paced episode, capturing the spirit of Kenneth Grahame’s classic.

Each story is delightfully simple but the sets are beautifully complex, from the ornate palace of Toad Hall to Mole’s cozy underground burrow. This stop-motion series truly creates an inviting and magical place.