Loves: more robot apps, books & movies for your kids


We can’t get enough of robots. Here are a few of our favorite robots books, robot movies, and robot apps from Loves.

  • What happens when a robot doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, or do anything else? Not much. And that’s totally fine in Tom Gauld’s The Giant Robot, recommended by Raul. The lack of action in the book lets Raul’s kids’ imaginations run wild.
  • See what yesteryear’s futurists thought technology would help us do, and discover how far we have yet to go on British Pathé’s Robots & Futurism YouTube playlist, recommended by Ashley. As she points out, part of the fun in watching these old clips is considering why some robot dreams came true while others withered.
  • Wander a dystopian world full of broken robot parts in a beautiful puzzle app by Amanita Design, Machinarium, recommended by Raul. Fair warning: while the app is suitable for kids, you will find mild bouts of robot on robot violence and the gameplay will be challenging for younger ones.
  • Take the day off like Gumby and Pokey and let robots do your work for you in this classic short claymation from Art Clokey’s The Gumby Show, recommended by Jessie. Will robots take over or will Gumby save the day?
  • Follow the friendship between a boy and a robot from space in The Iron Giant, also recommended by Raul (he and his kids really love robots!). This adaptation of the classic Ted Hughes novel from 1968 traces tales of friendship, outer space, and government. It’s not a movie for every kid but the ones who love it will really love it.

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