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Explore fascinating feats of engineering and design in Skyscrapers

In the app, kids explore the tallest buildings in the world and discover the design, science, and lives behind opaque glass and towering heights. Get it on Google Play — free for 7 days!

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On the inspiration for the app, Raul, our CEO and founder, writes: 

I remember being in awe the first time I saw skyscrapers, on a vacation in NYC, lying down in the back of cabs to see the manmade monuments passing above.
I thought my own kids, who are city kids growing up in Brooklyn, might be less impressed. But my youngest son wanted to visit the Empire State building on his last birthday. From the top, more than 1,000 feet above the streets, he stood in silence for a long time looking out over the city below and murmured, “this doesn’t feel real."

In Skyscrapers, these mysteries of modern urban life become as tangible and real as the concrete and steel they’re made of.

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Parents can support their kid’s learning with a free download: The Skyscrapers Handbook. The handbook includes interaction hints, tips, background information, and discussion questions. 

Skyscrapers is part of the Explorer’s Library, a growing series that covers universal, fundamental topics kids learn about in school: from physics in Simple Machines, to geology in The Earth, to social studies in Homes. Each app is designed to nurture kids’ natural curiosity, inspire questions and conversations, and foster lifelong learning habits. We like to think of them as pocket-sized science labs! 

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