Bloom Hero

Develop a new appreciation for the beauty of nature.

While I live in an urban environment, nature is my favorite place to escape to. I love retreating to a park and hearing wind rustling through leaves or birds chirping on a nearby branch. Megalearn recreates this same serenity in their app, Bloom.

Bloom greets kids with calm music, simple animations, and beautiful illustrations, then prompts them to select one of three scenes, each featuring a different plant. The scenes are interactive lessons that kids can explore at their own pace, learning the strategies that the plants use to spread their seeds and grow. Kids also learn the anatomy of the plants and the conditions required for growth.

Akin to Tinybop apps, Bloom doesn’t provide much instruction and instead rewards exploration. My favorite part of Bloom is that kids can learn by making observations. In one scene, a bluebird only appears after fruit has grown on bushes because it means there is now food to eat.

Encouraging exploration and teaching a part of nature in a visual and interactive way, Bloom is a simple, yet inspiring and informative app.

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