Sound Uncovered


What do sounds conjure?

When I hear this sound, I think of bubblegum ice cream and childhood summers at my grandma’s house. Others think of the color blue, a feeling of strength, the vastness of the world, and the taste of salt. What are we all describing? The sound of ocean waves. Our sense of hearing is much more than our ear’s ability to detect vibrations. In Sound Uncovered, learners of all ages are invited to explore how the brain processes sound and investigate the mysteries of the mind’s ear.

Through a series of playful interactive experiments, learners can test their talents at listening while speaking and discover their capabilities to hear high frequency sounds. Listening to a joke while describing your clothes might seem very easy, but I challenge you to try it! By deciphering spoken words with their eyes open and shut, learners can investigate the relationship between sight and sound. They can also record themselves reading palindromes and play back the audio forward and backward to discover the difference between speech and spelling. The experiments in the app use the sound features of the iPad in creative ways and provide kids and adults with a fun and informational experience.