Marina and the Light


Softly lit watercolor illustrations invite endless storytelling.

Before I learned to read words, I read pictures. When story time ended, I’d pick up the books my mother read to me and try to fit my own tale to the illustrations. Marina and the Light, a storybook app by DADA Company, invites budding readers to do the same. It is an irresistible invitation to imagine and to picture-read. There are no words, only beautiful watercolor illustrations paired with soothing sounds and memorable music. Subtle animations depict Marina’s surreal journey from her bed to the sea and back again. Lighthouses and lanterns cast soft light upon each scene, adding to the app’s cozy appeal.

Each time I open Marina and the Light, I imagine new ways to describe Marina’s adventure and the friends she meets. Where does she sail on her boat ride? Who is the pink monster she finds in a cave? There are as many answers as there are readers.