Star Walk Kids


Explore the stars from your backyard.

This app reminded me of one of my most vivid teaching memories. I was walking my second graders back to our classroom in two silent lines after a fire drill. Not wanting to break the no talking rule, one little boy just kept persistently pointing at the sky. Other students were beginning to smile. To their delight, I finally let down my guard and turned around. As all the other classes filed back into the building, my students and I just stopped in the middle of that Bronx blacktop and looked up at the morning moon in the sky.

There is something magical about children beginning to observe and identify the natural world. Star Walk Kids - Explore Space & Planets by Vito Technology Inc. is a playful and content-rich app that introduces children to the objects in the sky. Short videos, animations, and audio clips provide basic information and fun facts about the planets in our solar system, the stars, and constellations above.

A key feature of the app allows kids to point their device up towards the sky and map the stars in their own backyard. This digital tool enables kids to map their real-world observations and identify the mysteries in the sky. If you want to keep exploring on your own or with your kids, check out the more advanced Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky Map & Planets.