You Are What You Eat Jr.


An imaginative alphabet app.

You Are What You Eat Jr., by Alex Nabaum, explores playful possibilities as varied foods transform into different objects. A kiwi slice becomes an eye, tomatoes replace boxing gloves, and a yam becomes an Olympic gold medal. Not only does this app go through the alphabet and introduce an array of delicious foods, but it also provides facts about each item and why it’s healthy. It even has tips on how to cook different foods, so that parents and kids can create meals together!

What I loved most about this app was how it incorporated hand-painted illustrations on each screen. Once kids have finished exploring each snack, they can tap a crayon button. The app then simplifies the beautiful images into coloring pages that give kids the option to try their own artistic hand. This app is great not only for learning about different foods, but also for encouraging a new way of looking at the world and not just seeing things as they are.