WWF Together


Travel the globe and meet some endangered animals.

I remember taking my second graders to visit the Bronx Zoo and observing their wide-eyed fascination over the diversity of our planet’s animals. Their curiosity followed them back to our classroom as I was peppered with questions about the creatures they had seen. I wish that we had access to the World Wildlife Fund’s Together app back then!

This beautiful app introduces children to the amazing animals that the WWF protects. They can explore the stories of giant pandas, elephants, whales, and more through photos and Face Time videos that capture the animals up close and in their native habitats. Kids can chop down bamboo with a swipe to uncover more about the giant panda’s diet, dive into the ocean with a tilt to discover the depth of marine turtles, and turn on their tiger vision to see their world in the dark. After examining what is threatening the animals’ survival and how WWF is working to conserve the species and their habitats, the app encourages children to share the stories with friends and family. They can email a folded up digital version or follow directions to create an origami paper animal.