Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book


How to draw anything with your fingerprint and a few lines.

Even before the time of touch screens, there was a world where, thanks to Ed Emberley, your fingertip reigned. In this world, you could make anything — from purple men in top hats to furry, red beetle bugs — with the press of your thumb and a little bit of ink. The possibilities were endless.

You can still visit this world today: Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book is the key. This book will lead you on the path to a mighty powerful finger. It provides clear, simple instructions for making your thumbprint into almost anything, ensuring good times for hands of all sizes.

I love this book because it turns a little part of yourself into a little part of millions of different creatures. As a kid, it sparked my imagination, tickled my senses, and made me feel in control of a magical world that was uniquely mine. As an adult, I admire the way it empowers and inspires kids to create, personalize, and imagine. It is a frequent reference during my work at Tinybop, as we aspire to imbue our apps with just those qualities.